“Tina Joseph and barber Al Proietti were unsuccessful getting her one-year-old, Isa, to cooperate in getting his bushy hair trimmed last week. So Mom drove around Castro Village and within 15 minutes she tiptoed back into Village Barber Shop while Isa was off in dreamland and got his haircut without a whimper.”
Robert Souza

“Village Barbershop” by Karen Frey On display at Castro Valley Library

As seen in the Castro Valley Forum

“Stepping into the shop is like a trip to small town America right here in Castro Valley”

“Those walls must have heard every kind of discussion in the shop’s 53 years.”

“Good cuts and great discussion abound at Village Barbershop.”

“His hands are sure with each pass, and the blade feels much smoother and more comfortable than the two-blade plastic disposables I use at home.”

“Castro Valley is an amazing community. There are not many areas...where you would find the barber that offers to come to your house to give you a haircut when you are recovering from surgery...”

Robert Souza

--Ken Martin

“Congratulations upon being chosen THE BAY AREA BEST in the Alameda Newspaper Readers Choice Survey!”